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Akash Ganga Transport Corporation

Transport is dedicated to offering superior management services for domestic and international movements of radioactive cargoes. TLI offers integrated service to the front and back end sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle, ensuring safe,secure and economic transport.consulting services associated with transportation feasibility studies, export licensing activities, package validations and antidumping order compliance.

About Us

Akash Ganga Transport Corporation is one of the leading transport companies of the country with 65 offices and 300 destinations. It is flagship of Bijli group which is engaged in diversified activities that include transport & entertainment. ATC is a company that looked adversity in the eyes and in span of six decades risen to be India’s oldest and most trusted freight forwarding company.

The late thirties was the time of political turmoil in India. It was also an era when the country was just awakening to its identity and the possibilities that lay before it. Transport facilities were critical to the evolution of the economy. Realizing this, Lala Sain Dass (foundly known as Bijli Pehalwan) stepped in resolutely, determined to make a contribution. The beginning was modest and the company served the frontier regions of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.

Then came the partition of India and the company had to relocate on the India side of the subcontinent. It became the first transport company in independent India to be given a national permit. The entire area from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Asansol to Ankleshwar became ATC’s domain. By the nineties AGTC had become a national resource carrying 2000 tones every single day.

Products & Services

General Freight:--- AGTC expertly handles multi-dimensional cargo, from 5 kilogram parcels to those that weigh 9 tones and occupy an entire truck. Examples of ATC’s efficiency and speed? Parcels bound for Chandigarh from Delhi (and vice versa) reach by 11 am the following morning. Parcels on the Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi route reach the same day. Delhi –Amritsar route the same day, Delhi—Bombay with in 72 hours, Delhi-Calcutta in 96 hors, i.e in General Freight even We are the fastest. And We Now We have the Fastest “EXPRESS FREIGHT “ SERVICE.

Express Freight:---
This door-to-door service, faster than sending parcels by air, especially over short distances (by low air freight must serve a cooling period of 24 hours). Now this service is available on our almost all routes.

Project Freight :---
Experts from AGTC shift heavy machinery from factories to project sites:dams, flyovers, power stations, industrial estates, wherever they may be. On highways or off the beaten track.

Over Dimensional Cargo:---
Most transport companies shy away from the difficult task of carrying outsized cargo, But our company does not. AGTC makes a complete study of road conditions, bridges, bends and height clearances. The network helps AGTC expedite delivery.

Customised freight :-
Tailor-made solutions for fragile and special cargo, automobiles, construction/engineering/mining material, electronics, fashion and textiles, pharmaceutical/healthcare /medical equipment, glass, paper, publishing /printing/tradeshow material. Freight that needs extra care.

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